Monday, April 16, 2012

vtinage dreams

this vest is what my vintage dreams are made of.
it is one of my favorite pieces in my closet and i find that every time i wear it, i am almost giddy with material love. let me digress for a moment, when i lived in santa barbara and went to brooks, there was this amazing vintage store on state street that had the most incredible selection of goods that one ever could find. they rented out every single piece in the store for a fraction of its price, should one choose to purchase, and were ideal for 99% of our photo shoots. after brooks i got a job there briefly and though it seemed like the greatest place to work when i was a customer, the owner was crazy!!! i don't even remember her name but i do remember getting scolded for wearing a sweater that had a hole in it and being required to show up at least 20 minutes early for every shift so that i could study up on my vintage clothing knowledge. i think i was on the verge of tears working there more times than not. however, the upside was that i got to work in a vintage store that also more often than not tempted my small paycheck. this vest is one such piece that i could not leave without. it is a hand-stitched piece of art from what was czechoslovakia, that was brought over to america by the stitcher's granddaughter. the detailing is just gorgeous and i feel very fortunate to have its history as well as it in general.


great fun for layering over dressed, under jacket, etc. 
express leather jacket, grey jersey dress, billabong men's belt, indigo by clarks booties, kiss me coral revlon lipstick, bracelet/bangles vintage


  1. That vest is amazing. It's the perfect layering piece to spruce up a simple outfit.
    Great vintage find!

  2. Ah I adore this on you. You are so stunning and your blog is such a joy.

  3. cute out fit...i love your are a amazing blogger.

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