Saturday, March 31, 2012

let your colors show

there is an awful lot of smirking going on in these photos. which makes me wonder what i was feeling so snarky about... it certainly was not the weather, which is yo-yo-ing back and forth between "get me outside so i can enjoy this" mania to "omfg! if i see another rain cloud i might just throw myself off the beach cliffs" desperation. what can i say? i'm nothing if not overly dramatic when the time is right.

however, if there is any part of my brain that is still repeating mantras learned at brooks photo-dom, it is that diffused lighting makes for the loveliest of pictures of people. that, and the time when we spent 20+ hours in the studio trying to take a picture of a freaking racket ball on black glass...oh the memories. other things that grey days remind me of: a time when k and i took a bright and bouncy young high schooler out for a photo day and we shot the most beautiful of run-down, collapsed, "no trespassing" houses. me with my beloved 35mm and kodak 400tx film...sigh...oh yes, then when the photo guy at cvs didn't read and decided to just go ahead and try to process it then and there rather then send it out as necessary. you know that moment when you click the shutter and before you even see the image (pre digital world, or at least living in the past and using film) you know that was the image of the day? well, my image was returned to me in a sticky mess of half-developed negatives and a "oops, sorry" from my new most hated person on the planet. k had to take me by the hand and actually lead me out of the store...i still have the negatives - i'm such a sadist sometimes.

wow, that turned dark. okay, back to happier things. this jacket! it's red! possibly the only red thing i own! i take that back, i think i have some red shoes somewhere...


an "e" for e from waxing poetic that i adore on an extra long chain

ever attempting to take a somewhat more interesting shot of myself

fences - good for keeping people out and good for leaning against

grey day + wind = more hair touching in photos
thrifted blazer, (favorite) vintage denim shirt, urban burn-out t, 4ever21 skinnies, target booties, waxing poetic necklace, usual rings and bcbg watch

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