Saturday, April 14, 2012

the other side of the closet

posing in the stairwell, la la la...
this post is dedicated to stealing borrowing from e's closet on days when i hope to keep all layers far from hugging too tight. enter in the borrowed tee: a true vintage number as in it belonged to a grandma before it belonged to e. the front reads: garami...for governor (the lettering has faded out partway through) and it is just about as soft as something can get before it gets transferred into the baby blanket category.
the borrowed jacket: somewhere between a military/olive green, properly faded from washing and stained in all the right ways (what?). anyway, it is huge and very comfty and fun fact in the wee early days (almost 7 years ago) of our awkward-tall-18yrold-exciting-flirty love, i stole this from him and didn't take it off for at least a week...sigh...the heart wants what the heart wants.
the rest is a pair of levis that i have been wearing for nearly 6 years and now fit in the "boyfriend jeans" way, as well as my favorite black blazer, and heals found at a church yardsale plus some concoction of lipstick colors to keep some part of me slightly feminine. add glasses and go!


this isn't the stairwell. this is the door to my neighbors (private!!!) laundry room that i just discovered today. i am outraged btw (though not in this picture because i only smooshed my face up against the window to see what was behind the blinds after the photo).

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