Thursday, April 19, 2012


if you hadn't already noticed, and i don't take any offense if you didn't, thegirlone is looking a little bit different. a little cleaned up, a bit more simple but with a few more details (oxymoron?).

and in keeping with the simple theme, this post reiterates that notion with the idea that if you have a great vintage piece, keep the rest simple and let the attention shine on that which has earned it throughout the years. a "respect your elders" sentiment if you will. as is due, the attention is all to be focused on the pants below. they are also a major score from working at the vintage store in sb (talked about here). they are bonafide navy blues that came in a collection of such pants to the store whilst i was a happy employee. i love them dearly but don't wear them out too often due to them being wool and a magnet for any article of dust/cat hair/me hair/etc. my other resurrections of favorite vintage pieces inspired me to take them out for a spin.

k.i.s.s. - keep it simple, stupid.
racerback tank american rag, f21 sandals, waxing poetic necklace, usual rings + vintage cocktail, vintage & world market bangles, uo glasses


  1. your tattoos are gorgeous. love these simple, gorgeous photos!


  2. so amazing!! i adore this! xx

    1. um, okay, having a bit of a blogger-idol-in total awe moment here! your blog is one of my absolute favorites and i find the photos, the outfits and your music so inspiring! thank you so much for checking out my blog!


  3. I am loving your little update.
    It is very fresh and fun!

  4. So comfy/casual... I really need a good pair of wide leg pants like those. And I love the button detailing on them.

  5. You look aways so pretty!! I love your look :)