Thursday, April 26, 2012

dear diary

oof what a long day!
today was one of those days in which no amount of coffee will reverse the yawning, you are inevitably waiting for said coffee to somehow end up spilt on you (which mine did in the form of spilling in the side pocket of my bag and then drenching through the shoulder strap onto me...this is the reason i own so much black) and where you couldn't help but check the watch on your wrist, the clock on the wall, and your phone just to triple check that yes, it had only been 20 minutes of class so far and you still had 95 minutes to go. days like these end in one of two ways for me (and sometimes a combination). i either come immediately home, find something on netflix that i can sorta pay attention to whilst reading a magazine and eating whatever in the house resembles candy or i suck it up a bit, hit the gym and create elaborate scenarios in my mind as i'm on the treadmill (also sorta paying attention to netflix - thanks iphone!). these elaborate scenarios run the gamut. everything from pretending that i am chasing down a suspect on foot (this usually reflects my netflix choice), imagining that i am getting ready to go on my big world tour concert and need to be in shape for all my fast-paced dance numbers a la beyonce, or one of my favorites, imagining the scenario when i'm just a runnin' down the road one day and happen upon, oh i don't know, tim lincecum or something..."oh, hey, did you need me to check your pulse?" but really. i do this. how else do people stay on those machines for any amount of time longer than 2 minutes? my attention span lasts until i do probably two good visual sweeps of the gym to see if anything interesting is going on and then i'm spent.

anyway, speaking of home (which i mentioned somewhere up there in the word barf of my slightly embarrassing workout techniques) WE ARE MOVING!!!!
oh, there is not a font big enough to convey how exciting this is! no more loud and rude neighbors! no more less-than-helpful property management! no more wondering if everyone who walks by just assumes that we are a trashy complex! we only have to be here for about two more weeks and then we get to blissfully chaotically transfer all our stuff to our new home! can't freaking wait!

a new address ignites hours of online shopping/drooling over interior design, beautiful photos that are born out of anthropology catalogs and whatever else anyone on pinterest has thoughtfully contributed. of course i am mentally spending the big $$$ on all these fabulous new things and will in reality just be refluffing the pillows that are already on our couch. but it never hurts to imagine...

i love the mix here: eclectic but with hints of modernity and simplicity

i don't think i would have balloons but i would definitely take the bench to put by the front door under the window. though now that i think about it, i would probably take the balloons too for a hint of festivity/cat toys.

i am in love with this rug! 

we already have a small collection of maps and the more i see them, the more i want them. another trip to the flea market is probably in order

our new place could probably fit inside this dressing room but someday...someday (sans the little dog and insert huge carl)

again, the rug, and the other rug and the window seat, and the farm table, and the chairs...

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  1. If/when I get a new place, i'm gunna get a split front door like Andy & Lori. Also... the balloons remind me of Kevin's Disneyland story.

  2. When are we hitting up the flea market little girl??

  3. Love these room inspirations!

    Peace & Delight,
    Bel Kazan

  4. i love the table in the last image, so much.

    Oh - Fancy That.