Friday, April 6, 2012

left my heart

i love the city! i love what feel like sequestered little corners of it, tucked away on streets that suddenly open up to sidewalks crowded with little café tables, conversations everywhere and storefronts dedicated purely to carls. and i love that when you walk a block or two back from those streets you are surrounded by what i consider to be insanely gorgeous houses uniformly stacked next to one another. oh, and of course since it is also the home of the beloved giants <3

last weekend we drove the ridiculously short distance in to celebrate the birthday of a good friend with indian food and an irish know, the usual combo. but first e and i headed to the marina district to stop into a camera store: camera hunting for him and lens hunting for me (sadly, the one i want most runs upwards of $2000...half my quarterly tuition...) before we went over to the outer sunset for birthday merriment.

the tiles are always one of my favorites

as well as the detailed ironwork of the gates and fences 

vintage blazer & flannel with american apparel skirt, sweater tights and ae clog booties

 all the colors of the harbor

i love a good, bright door

spring is near...the topiaries told me as i walked by them

 ummmmm....have you ever seen such a wonderful sight?!?!?! carl(s)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

what is apparently the "it" birthday gift...googly eye glasses


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