Wednesday, April 4, 2012

buzzing just like

there is so much comfort in the familiar and the known, making it hard to stray far. this obviously applies to more than just clothes. in fact, this should probably be most considered in the real world, the world that occupies our daily lives and the choices that we make. as i enter into another quarter closer to graduation and joining that "real world" i am constantly racing my mind through all that lies ahead. the choices that will be placed in front of me, the paths i will choose to take and those that i will bring along for the ride. school is definitely a familiar to me, as i have been engaged in it for a solid 21 years now. and while i have a little over a year left of my undergraduate, i still relish in that familiarity and for now, am trying to make the most of it.

on a lighter note, in the midst of the familiar i have found myself expanding in more outward ways. despite whatever people may say of clothes, they really do have an affect on one's own mood and mind as well as others. i find that the fail-safe grey scale spectrum never lets me down, but i have been drawn more and more to brighter and more vibrant pieces lately that make me smile.

blouse old navy, pants/necklace/sunglasses from uo, menswear watch, cuff(s) bday gift and h&m, shoes blowfish, usual rings

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  1. Amber, I love it. Can I see a close up of your "usual rings?" oxox