Tuesday, February 28, 2012

thick as thieves

thieves: skip back 5 days - read an article titled the translators of the one thousand and one nights, skip ahead - writing paper about the little mermaid who (rumor has it) has the genie's lamp from aladdin in her cave of treaure, aladdin: which had the sequel the king of thieves, skip ahead again to ipod on shuffle playing the avett brother's 4 thieves gone...

i could keep going. see, i may be going for my degree in literature, but i already have my phd in the science of rationalization. of course, i could always just use my dad's reasoning - "it's your birthday" which is what he said when i bought this particular hat on sunday. but dear oh dear, first (pre)ripped jeans and now a trucker hat...slippery slope, slippery slope into bro-ho-dom, a place i do not want to take up residence. but i do think that where you live influences the way you dress and how you look. take, for example, the time i lived in santa barbara and had the sudden impulse to be blonde...i call it the great hair disaster of 2006, and it is agreed upon by all that that was a rough patch. so i am calling the desire to own a mesh-back hat a combination of needing something to keep the sun off my face when i am at the beach (amongst other places) and the influence of a surf-town dress code. it helps that the brand is thieves and has nothing resembling a surfboard on it (as i don't surf...yet). and that it came from my favorite store in town, stripe, which always has the perfect combination of quirky, chic, vintage and modern goods. plus, nothing says "casual" like throwing on a baseball hat of some sort.

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