Friday, February 10, 2012


it is really great that my parent's only live 3 hours away from me, as opposed to the 6 hours or even out of state as has been in the past. it makes quick trips home for maintenance reasons like doctor's appointments so much easier and it is also really nice to be able to see them, if even for less than 24 hours. which is exactly what these past two days consisted of - driving up late, waking up early, appointments and then driving home. in between all that i had to fit in studying for an astronomy midterm that i have later today. thanks to the go-go-go-ness chaos of it, a lot got done: i went for a really early run in the (freezing) mountain morning air, free laundry machines were taken advantage of, two visits to my favorite coffee/bakery which resulted in me promising to bring a sample of my favorite sc coffee back to one of the owners for her to try, and most exciting of all (!!!) i got to meet with my tattoo guy and make an appointment to get my arm finished in the beginning of march!

running errands anywhere requires a level of comfort and ease that negates any need for fuss. hence, jeans, tank and boots - perfect for the uncannily warm february afternoon.

vintage 501's that i can't get enough of, press jersey vest, poof couture tank, o.n. booties, lucky watch, typical rings and current rotation of bracelets, uo glasses and essie geranium nail polish

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