Monday, February 6, 2012

properly wu'd

oh the chaos! oh the frenzy! the long lines, the nail-biting anticipation, the arriving before sunup to make sure that i would be guaranteed the product...
okay. no. not even close. i am talking about watsonville ca here (if by even the smallest chance someone from watsonville is reading this, you may be the one exception since i do talk about clothes a lot on here). and in watsonville ca, when you ask if the target is going to carry the limited edition jason wu line, the general answer is, "jason who?" followed up by, "let me call and ask our operator." which then goes something like this:
target employee: "(to operator on phone) hi, are we carrying the jason...(to me) who is it again?"
me: "wu, jason wu."
target employee: "wu. no, jason wu. he's a designer or something...? (to me) "when did it say target had it?"
me: "february 5th."
target employee: "(to operator) febuary 5th. mmmmhmmm. yeah... uh-huh..... yeah okay. (then to me) yeah, she doesn't know. she says you should call the 800 number."

anyway, the target in watsonville ended up carrying the jason wu line and yes, i fell prey to it.  despite me not rushing down there before the store opened (to meet a non-existing mass of consumers like myself), i was still able to snag the shirt i had my eye on. yes, i have been properly wu'd (how quaint seeing as it february).

and i do apologize for the bum shot. you see, i am just nearly over the moon about these pants. they are, in fact, the, pair of vintage 501's that i have been hunting for for such.a.long.time. naturally they would be at the vintage shop right across the street from where e works... right under my nose and all that jazz. they definitely warrant their own post (at least in my humble, blue jean lovin', opinion) but i had to preview them. 

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  1. Hi There! I was browsing through Pinterest and noticed a pin you had on there and noticed your last name. My maiden name is Slankard and it's unusual to see others with this last name. Just stopping by to see your blog and say hello.
    Tina Slankard Lawver originally from Ohio.
    Blessings to you,