Saturday, February 18, 2012

sick day(z)

sorry for the absence of any revolutionary blogging as of this past week, my head and body have otherwise been occupied with a cold that has taken to liberty to migrate from my throat/chest to nose/head. it has taken hold of me and is stubbornly refusing to be beaten despite the chinese herbal/drug/emergen-c cocktails that i have been mixing. i sound like something akin to a moose being clobbered when i cough and this morning i was attempting all sorts of creative yoga desperate fetal positions with my temples strategically placed on my yoga blocks to relieve the pressure which is equal to a ton of bricks that has taken up residence behind my eyebrows and cheekbones.

being sick makes me nostalgic for sick days when one is a child. because as soon as you reach "grown-up" land, sick days cease to kick-ass and become just general pains in the ass. because you can't ever really have a "sick day" as an adult. there is just too much that has to be done. not to mention that day-time television is crap and there is no one to refill your ginger ale/sprite/tea nor bring you copious amounts of toast. mom - for all those years when you took care of me when i was sick, thank you. i truly didn't appreciate what i had then as i do now.

anywho, had to get out of the house today for something other than school or trips to cvs to get more cough medicine. so we took a walk around town and ended up at the boardwalk and wharf for some winter saturday crowds and people watching. tomorrow is the last "sick day" i am allotting myself - as of monday, regular programming must resume...

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