Saturday, February 25, 2012

birthday weekend pt1

the sun has been shining, the parents are here, massive amounts of food have been consumed, long walks have been taken and my cake for tomorrow night has been baked. on the agenda for the morning are donuts, coffee and a walk on the beach. i am happy, like a clam. in less than 2 hours i turn the quarter century mark.
 holy. fuck.

birthday dinner location - amazing amazing amazing

new fav pants + old fav moto-jacket + clog booties + creamsicle inspired shirt

fried artichoke hearts are little bites of heaven

calamari...nope, still can't do it but very delicious according to the consumers

come sail away with me

  all a girl could ever want, crab cakes and beer

twisted tree grove in nisene marks
found: 1 school mascot on bday weekend hike
absolute serenity (until others showed up)  

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