Monday, March 5, 2012

break out the shorts - it's march!

the best shorts always come from pants that no longer can serve the function of keeping anything below your knees warm. i have done enough field work (pun intended, see photos below) to know that (at least for me, inseam 34") that must shorts are made way too short and threaten the wearer to expose themselves at rather inappropriate moments or they are too tight. if i wanted tight shorts, i would revert to those of the biking variety or perhaps some just plain ol' spandex a la kindergarten days. neither of those two options sound very appealing to me. so i prefer to roam the thrift stores until i find a pair of jeans that can be properly destroyed into shorts via some scissors. the product below are such: vintage pair of calvin kleins that already had the perfect worn in qualities i look for. yes, they are a bit (a big bit) short but i have tried out this whole tights under shorts thing and have become enamored. extra protection from unwanted exposure - done!



roaming the swan lake park in vintage ck cutoffs, f21 flannel given to me by b, target thermal, target sweater tights, nine west boots, vintage navajo style cuffs from various antique stores and usual rings.  

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  1. I'm super excited springs almost here! I love your shorts and your stockings are adorable.