Monday, February 20, 2012

what's good?

90% over my cold and feeling so.much.better. it's amazing how much easier it is to type out a paper when you don't want to recreate that scene from pi when the guy drives the power drill into his temple... (dramatic much?) other exciting news - it's my birthday week!!! i have decided to put aside my (ir)rational fears of the quarter century mark and just treat this birthday as i would any other -- with an obnoxious countdown, lots of cake, and probably purchasing too many presents for myself (next up, new climbing shoes!).

and also, what's good is this -- the reason why thrifting wins my heart every time. behold, practically new, wide-leg, jbrand pants for a mere $6. went to the goodwill in hopes to find some jeans i could rip up and make into shorts (because the best ones were always originally pants) and instead came home with these. not that i am complaining at all! i paired it with one of my all-time favorite vintage jackets that i found in a thrift shop in ventura, i think the gold detailing on it is just absolutely, fantastically ridiculous.

 vintage jacket, uo tank (elephant love), vintage beaded collar, studded maryjanes and usual rings


  1. Those are great pants! I appreciate the confidence that frees you to take a photo of your backside and post it on your blog. well done.

  2. I love your jacket! awesome look, you look great.