Sunday, February 5, 2012

lovin' (on a sunday)

the simple idea of balance really does elude me a good portion of the time. when i get absorbed in something (school) i tend to lose my grip on other parts of my life. i have a hard time switching back and forth and therefore, sometimes need the reminder of all the other lovely things around me. tunnel vision does not suit me well, yet it is exactly how i conduct my horizon line. so my goal for this week is to remember to stop going 100 mph, look around, enjoy the sun, my loved ones, and find a more conducive pace to tackle my to-do lists.

two essie colors that embody the spring/summer feel of the weather

a blurry (iphone fault) photo of me holding a sequin, knee length evening coat - found in my new favorite santa cruz treasure of a costume/vintage store: closet capers

sporting leopard loafers around campus :) 

i am absolutely in love with day planners and mine keeps me relatively sane!

belated christmas gift, zara scarf, from a dear friend (she was in ny and is now in ireland!!!) so our coffee date was brief but it was beyond amazing to see her

i am suddenly obsessed with these mickey mouse-esque glasses and thinking bday gift to self....barely holding myself back...(think: spend money on much more practical tattoos and spring training tickets...oh and new camera lenses...and vintage 501's....crap, im screwed).

also -  if you have any desire to spend more time with me, or become absorbed in something else for a few moments, head on over to my tumblr account and check out the photos i am pillaging from other amazing bloggers/sites/pinterest/ect. the link is on the top right where it says, "visit my tumblr!"

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