Tuesday, July 26, 2011

wadda steal!

i like to think that as the years have gone by i have honed in my skills as a thrift/vintage shopper. from my high school days of trying to pair thrifted slip dresses with ripped tights and bad shirts that came with shoulder pads (oh boy) to my current days of finding unique, wearable, and fun items, there have been a few rules that i have established that i try to follow with each shopping trip.

1. always pay attention to care instructions!
2. don't pay attention to sizing - often times if it is a vintage piece, the size will be very different from a modern cut/size.
3. be more playful - i don't usually stray far from my comfort zone of black, grey and navy but when i do, i try to do so with thrifting so that i don't pay a ton of money for something that wont be a closet staple (sometimes i surprise myself though and transition the new piece to a staple).
4. be patient! i never go into it expecting to be able to scan the racks and find something amazing within 5 minutes. it requires time and hunting.
 5. the best vintage finds are often the ones that are constantly overlooked!

over the years as my closet has grown and amassed to a collection that i am very fond of, i have realized that 90% of my favorite items have come from thrift/vintage stores.

here are some of my favorite finds, none of which cost more than $10...

vintage elephant purse

a collection of vintage gold cuffs from various places

a thrifted crystal pendant on a gold chain i already owned

a collection of scarves (90% of them are thrifted)

left: vintage stewardess jacket
right: vintage, cropped sleeve, grey, wool blazer

thrifted peasant blouse
thrifted j.jill knit tank (attempt at summer knits and introducing more color into my wardrobe)

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