Monday, July 4, 2011


there are a few specific things that come to mind when i think of the 4th of july.
1. endless years of bbq's at our family friend's house - the carpenters - growing up
2. jim gaffigan's joke about needing to eat a brat, a burger, and a steak if he is gonna blow things up because it is what the founding fathers would have wanted
3. this amazingly horrid tank that inserted itself into my life when my grandmother brought it out of her house for us to sell at our yardsale about 3 years ago...

now, this tank has definitely played a fair role in some jokes amongst my friends and myself. first it accompanied me to SFO when i went to pick up my bf (b) and her german exchange students (in an entirely sarcastic manner) and it then moved to another bf's (k) closet in which she proudly showed it to the world via fb (her husband and one of my dear friends is serving in the marines so while it was still sarcastic, it held some supportive notions).

and now i think it deserves a second go at the internet world. because i still think it is sarcastically hilarious (and any other views i have of it are way too complicated to share here). make of it what you will...

* in another american themed fashion statement, i first saw this balmain shirt in the june 2011 instyle article of the "sexy dozen" and was oddly attracted to it. after looking at the entire spring 2011 line of balmain, i am still enjoying it and feel like it would probably suit my closet better than the above mentioned/shown tank.

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