Wednesday, July 6, 2011

pull over!

once i had made the decision to forgo the standard route of attending a four year university after high school and decided to attend brooks institute of photography based in santa barbara instead, i was on cloud nine. you mean i was going to get to take pictures all the time and get credit for it?!?!?! i was one of those that carried my camera with me everywhere i went and have the rolls of film to prove it. that enthusiasm dwindled away after a couple of years of having to produce an image for credit (i know, just what i went in for, right?) but it is slowly and very steadily rebuilding itself. i am so anxious and excited to see where it will take me this time.

this particular picture was taken circa 2007 on a back road to auburn ca, just short of the foresthill bridge (yes, the one that was used in the movie xxx). we were driving along when i spotted the fence littered with rotting cowboy boots - there were tons - so i made the car pull over so i could play.
*photo taken with canon elan 7 & kodak t-max 400

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