Thursday, July 21, 2011


i have two new obsessions:
1. pinterest - possibly the greatest thing of my recent internet days that has taken up so much of my time that it is probably unhealthy. it is an online pinning board/network/thing that lets you collect images, recipes, lovelies, etc.
2. baking - due in large part to my bf, b. she is the kind of baker/cook that makes you wish that you had at least 5% of the talent that this girl has. i'm talking chocolate ganache frosted cake, homemade raspberry crumble muffins, stuffed bell peppers and so much more. so in an attempt to meld herself and myself even more, i am trying my hand at (beginners) baking.

i found this recipe here: chocolate chocolate chip cookies and pinned it here: yumm

 and this is how they turned out :)


  1. FEED MY HEART!!!!!! you've done me proud, lover, next...loverpies. xo

  2. oh, ps-- do it.inspiration and hilarity abounding. you'll love it/her/life/me a lot (more).