Monday, July 4, 2011

no place like home

when i was a child, my mother had to hide our vhs tape of the wizard of oz because i was dangerously close to wearing it out. i watched it over, and over, and over. now, as a young adult and one who has moved a fair share of times in my 24 years, the idea that there is no place like home has changed a bit. while i still consider "home" to be the place that i grew up, there is a large part of me that is understanding that my home is wherever i place myself as i continue on my journeys. the moment of realization comes when one says, "i just want to be home" and rather than mean with their parents/family, it means where one's bed is currently located.

i have recently made another move, this time to santa cruz, for a new chapter in my life. here are some things that are helping me reestablish my own comfortable world and some new things that have made this move/place new and wonderful...

little pieces of my world from dear ones - a dish that my mother brought back from my parent's anniversary trip, a heart ring from k, matching rings with b, & my two rings that i wear every day of my life that represents myself and e

                                                                              redecorating parts of home

a photobooth picture that lives on my fridge of me and e from the santa barbara county fair many years ago

the beach that is only 1.5 blocks from my house

finding good coffee nearby

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  1. **ring twirl ring twirl ring twirl ** always at home, right in your heart.