Friday, July 1, 2011

good morning

for some time now, i have spent my first few waking hours sitting before my computer, coffee and toast in hand, pouring over my list of blogs. searching through archives of my favorites, drooling over runway images, bill cunningham shots, personal styles of a few gorgeous ladies and the ongoing posts in the blog world has inspired me to try my own hand at such.

i am an avid fan of vintage and thrift shopping and finding style on my own terms (and budget). interior decorating has always been a passion and one that luckily, i have been able to explore in the working world. i have a background in photography and recently have realized just how much i miss my camera when it is broken (as it currently is).

so this is the experimental outcome: my own blog dedicated to my personal style, joy, and the general idea of immersing myself in something that has long captured my attention.
so here goes nothing...

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