Saturday, July 16, 2011

hat trick

okay, so while i looooooove to be the one behind the camera, i haaaaaaate being the one in front of it. yet always surrounded/living with other photography students for a few years, i was bound, as they were, to pose for a majority of photos for our assignments. and still i was never really comfortable even though my picture was being taken by a professional in the making who was using the highest quality of cameras, lighting, and equipment. i think that some people are born with the ability to act naturally in front of the camera while others operate on the exact opposite end of the spectrum (you know, freezing up, making that forced smile, somehow timing your blink to the exact moment the shutter closes). so in an attempt to include the actual me in this blog via photo, i am teaching myself to take my own photo (thank you timer) and also just enjoy having my photo taken.

so here is my first hat trick, three photos that i am slightly more than comfortable with of myself (might be due to the actual hat).

*also, in the middle of a fantastic mother/daughter vacation in oregon and posts/photos to come soon!

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