Friday, July 8, 2011


nothing like the instant freak-out feeling due to college record deadlines, busy tones on office phones and endless questions that can't be answered to really brighten up an already foggy friday morning...
but really, that tightness in the chest, gut turning, deep breath inducing feeling is overtaking my body at the moment and nothing can be done until 2:00 pm (because that is when the office opens and finally answers phones). so in an attempt to distract myself and remind myself that nothing can be done this.exact.moment. i have decided to do a little soul inspiration hunting and am going to share the following things that are currently occupying the random spaces of my mind...

the avett brothers - because 
1) i am obsessed, 
2) i can sing along with every song, 
& 3) can't wait to see them live again

flowers flowers flowers
some that we brought home with us from Far West nursery
& wildflowers growing in the field back home behind my house

b&w images
an old image of stevie nicks (my alter ego's name is stevie and my bf b's is ros)
& a 90's guess ad with drew barrymore <3

the front of a card that i have been carrying around with me for three years (yep, i am one of those people). cliché..maybe, but i don't care.


  1. I'm enjoying your blog. Saw your Dad this am. He looks perplexed as usual.

  2. just made your wildflower picture my desktop background :-) now i'll think about you every time I use my computer.

    miss you!