Thursday, July 21, 2011

getting there - pt. 1

first of all, let me say that i feel so incredibly lucky to have my mother as one of my best friends. unlike a lot of my friends growing up, i never went through the phase where i dramatically swore with all the angst of a 13 year old that she was ruining my life (with either of my parents for that matter) but rather, always felt like she was as close a friend as i could ever have. so for many years now, we have taken two trips - one in the summer and one in the winter. since the summer trip usually revolved around coming to what is now my current home, we decided that a different location was in order this year.

this summer's jaunt was a four day (for the two of us) trip to ashland, oregon to spend our days thrift shopping, eating, cruising and then topping if off with a concert of my favorite band, the avett brothers. (see my previous post here for one of their videos and a song they played at the concert: to completely counteract friday)

i was able to take a few extra days to spend at (my parent's) home before we took off and honestly, me packing for a 7-day-total-trip is quite an experience. i am a list maker. yes. and not just the lists of what to generally bring, but down to the very specific details. as my best friend, b, knows, without my lists my world drops into pure chaos and i get frantic. (however, this is how i never forget anything and i will continue to make these lists for the rest of the trips in my future as i suggest you all do too.)

just to give you an idea, this is the first stage of the "list making." further stages include detailing which shorts, nice jackets, tanks, etc to bring and the whole right side/bottom of the right page was filled with a daily breakdown of weather, activities, and potential clothing for such occasions.

step two of packing is merely going through my closet and pulling out every thing that i think i might want to potentially (key word) bring with me. this gets (very) narrowed down and don't let the color in this photo fool you, most of it went right back into my closet and my favorites (black, grey, navy) were the ones that made the cut.

another huge bonus of the few extra days at my parent's place was that my other best friend, k, was at her parent's with her newest edition to her little family, wilson (appropriately named after brian wilson, of course). so i finally got to meet my little puppy nephew (and if i could have stolen him without her noticing, believe you me, i would have).

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  1. good thing you list so much, compensates for my lack of listing. but i'm trying to turn over leaves so ima' start listing.

    List 1.0:
    1. love you heck of.
    2. wanna see more.
    3. miss you... pants.
    4. i was alarmed at the amount of color in that wardrobe selection...thanks for assuring me that you are still as devoted to neutrals and the bright bold navy blue as ever.