Thursday, March 8, 2012


i am having a party, on my feet!
have i mentioned that i love shoes? maybe once or twice? okay. well then it bares the need to be mentioned again. i. love. shoes. no shame. not an ounce. i think it all started with my first grade teacher who used to sing a "new shoes song" every time someone in class was wearing a new pair (which i maybe now sing to myself...)

but how great are these???? are they not a party for one's feet? if they don't scream summer, bbq's, and bared legs then i don't know what does. people, buy shoes for the way they make you feel, not only physically, but emotionally. the cost per wear goes down considerably this way!


also attending this par-tay are my vintage 501's, vintage hawaii tank found here, o'neill cardigan, essie turquoise & caicos
 also, a special thanks to Kristines Clothing & Mad About Shoes for keeping my feet so happy!

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