Saturday, March 17, 2012


i am still reeling and trying to catch my breath from this week. so. much. schoolwork! you see, this is my last week of the quarter, then a final on monday and i am done! two down and four more two go!!!! between all of the typing and reading, the constant rain all week is probably a blessing in disguise as i would have gotten significantly less down had i been able to be out and about in sunny spring time weather (read constantly at the beach!). but it has also limited the number of photo opportunities and anything more creative in the wardrobe department other than what thick socks are clean to wear with wellies.  the weekend past has been my main source of fuel though - (another) quick trip home but this time for the best of reasons!!! k's bridal shower! it was a short 24 hours of lots and lots of love!

home town on a crisp winter/spring morning. i love it when it is 6:30 on a saturday morning and the tourists have yet to flood the streets. so sweet and peaceful - definitely one of my favorite things about "home"

the horses that currently reside at the top of our road. they were supremely disappointed in me since i just wanted to take their photo and had nothing (to eat) for them in return.  

gorgeous and delicious lemon cupcakes at the bridal shower! cute little signs like this one were posted all over!

such a clever idea! instead of boring shower games, the hostess had really clever ones! we had to retain everything physical about k and then take a quiz once she left the room and there was also a crossword puzzle about the bride and groom! anna, the hostess (and maid of honor) is a genius!

mini photo booth set-up at the shower. again, the genius of anna! so much fun! so many laughs and so many beautiful ladies!

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