Friday, March 30, 2012

it's magic inside pt.2

you can always tell when someone is new to something, dubbing them with a sarcastic and slightly insulting "nubbie" name tag. there is the little game that we all (come on, you know you do it) play when confronted with possible nubbie status. the one where we try our damnedest to blend it, look somewhat bored, hide behind our over-sized, dark sunglasses and refrain from answering any question with a giveaway to our completely naive position. 
well my friends, despite what i define as a well-honed defense mechanism to this situation, i was indeed a nubbie to spring training and fuck it if i didn't give a damn! if they would have let you sleep on the green the night before the game, i would have. i went in ready to high-five anyone within arms reach, weighing the pros and cons of jumping the temptingly short fence that separated me from nate schierholtz, and blazing with as much enthusiasm as augustus gloop had for chocolate rivers. you could spot me a mile off, camera held at the ready, smile plastered to my face and sunscreen seeping out of my pores. everyone knew this was my first rodeo and everyone was ready to give me their life stories of spring training. but giants fans are just cool like that and we bond over everything. one older gent said to me as we were reminiscing over orange and black, "i have two favorite teams: the giants and anyone playing against the dodgers." yep. ditto. same here. agreed. high-five. we're awesome.

it's magic inside

refusing to let go of cody

fully prepared and then some

for k :)

our "special" moment

everything is better in unison

az you were so good to me!

i know just where i would set up my sleeping bag

thanks for 2010!

 it was a really short fence...


me, dad, and dad's best friend.


  1. your moment. OMG. dying.
    also: the one for me - FUCKING LOVE HIM

  2. I love this....every last bit of it! I'm so glad you had such a good time. Who is in the photo with your dad and you, btw? oxox