Tuesday, March 27, 2012

it's magic inside pt.1

i honestly don't even know where to begin. i guess i could skip back a couple of months to me sitting at my kitchen table, desperately trying to figure out the orbital speed of some random planet around a star in some far off planetary system while mentally outlining my next paper for metamorphosis and wondering when i was going to get my translation theory reading done, and having the epiphany that the only way i could celebrate the end of the semester would be with an icy cold beer, overpriced hot dog and copious amounts of sun while watching some good ol' american past-time, baseball, in arizona...but that might come across as bit dramatic.

so instead i will just start with last thursday morning at 5am when my alarm woke me to let me know that it was time to get my ass in the car because my dad and i were driving 10 hours to get to the land of spring training baseball to waste away in pure bliss. that right there is the beginning, duration, and end of story because i still have yet to find words to describe the state of happiness that i was occupying. baseball. baseball. baseball. amazing. and while i am still sifting through my 600+ photos (uh-huh, really!) of the short trip in order to find the ones that i want to share, here are a few of the drive there.

despite it being ten hours of a numb butt and far too many snacks eaten out of boredom, the drive was beautiful. seeing as we completely avoided the grapevine and instead cut behind it through the mojave desert and up and over tehachapi pass, mixed with my enthusiasm for the trip in general, it was fun to snap shots as we drove mile after mile.


  1. Hi Amb! Glad you guys had a fabulous trip. I love the photo of the winged heart and the windmills. Can you email those to me?
    Love ya

  2. i remember the first time i drove over that pass, giddy with so much love, and at the sight of that train, felt like i had drifted off to hogwarts. then i drove past it another 300 billion times, in rain, sleet, and 110* weather, at midnight, at 6am, and at noon, and somewhere along the way, it lost its charm. then you came along, took these photos of it, and i've fallen in love all over again. <3