Sunday, November 6, 2011

flea market extravaganza!, today was great. today i got to a) spend time with the ever wonderful miss kelsey drew and b) spend said time at the alameda flea market that is held every first sunday of the month. not only was this market my vintage dream but also a photo dream day. i took so many pictures that my cf card refused to take anymore (200+).  here are some the highlights from the day...

first purchase of the day - $3 metal z

so many beautiful textiles

vintage cameras

my favorite clothing booth there!  


gorgeous cocktail glasses

new jacket :)

giant light and totem pole

booth full of hardware

antique scales were abundant

 soft pretzels 7 rows in made us very happy. probably the best soft pretzel i have ever had.

guidebooks found by kels - fantastic covers!

funky old adding machine

this one is for my dad - so many gloves and bats!
"let's go will, hit away"

very cool find for kels - vintage army first aid kit tin (thing was heavy!)

vintage ornaments! (it was quite the feat to keep myself away from them)

boots galore!

bbq pork stick = happy me 

a booth entirely dedicated to hats

vintage and antique photos were everywhere

flea market must - dress in clothes that easily allow you to try on other clothes over them. me and a par of 501's that were sadly about two sizes too big

pile of hearts

fantastic booth that served me up with some christmas presents for a few special people

sassy author

trunk o' scarves, scarves, scarves

spools of dyed thread - there were also blues and greens

owls for my b

okay, i know that was a lot of photos but remember 200+ and these were just a few of the highlights :)


  1. this is probably the most enchanting collection of photos i've seen on your blog yet. i miss flea market trolling with you, but damn these are some high class vintage wares. did you get the cocktail glasses??

  2. In love! This is my new enchantment! <3

  3. I am miffed at the fact that I was not able to find this extravagant flea market. I followed the directions to a t, and nothing. I'm super disappointed I didn't get to rummage and thrift my heart out. I will not give up though, I will find it! If there is a special way to get there, please let me know!

  4. <3 sigh. i like the world through your eyes.