Saturday, November 5, 2011

vintage with a side of comfort

i am a firm believer in owning many, many pairs of shoes. so many that my father, e, most everyone has something to say about it. there is something really special about shoes that encompasses a whole other feeling that every other part of the clothing/accessories world just cannot compete with. think about it. you (almost) never walk into a shoe store or department and wonder what size you are; if the fact that you haven't exercised in the past two weeks will change your size; you don't have to get completely undressed in order to try them on; in fact, you usually get to sit down and rest while trying them on; if you do a little strut, twirl, or pose in the mirror in front of everyone, no one thinks twice about it; and all of the options are right there in front of you, no wandering around an entire city block size store to find all the gems that are hidden.
see, shoes are great.
this is why i love shoes.
and why my collection is ever growing.

these lovelies came from a thrift store in jackson, ca. they are insanely comfortable and so well made, as they are nine west and i am a big fan of all their feet products. when the oxford trend really hit it big i was wavering about buying any. you see, while i dearly love shoes, i am very particular about the ones that i choose and especially with hot trends. so my go-to is thrift/vintage hunting until i am sure that i want to make a commitment. these are perfect for walking around all day and not feeling like i have to resort to flip-flops for comfort. the heel height is also ideal!

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