Wednesday, November 23, 2011

happy thanksgiving eve!

holy...this is the first time i have sat down today, minus the time driving around this morning doing errands. we are driving up to the hills tonight for the holiday tomorrow and to spend some much needed down time at home with our families and friends. but that means there is a lot of prepping to do today. my mom and i split the meal making so i have started on my stuffing today as well as preparing the apples for my yummy apple pie and getting my recipe together for my pumpkin cheesecake. in addition cookies needed to be baked as a payment for our friend who is going to house/cat-sit while we are away, which necessitates an entire housecleaning (however this always is a very nice thing to come home too). but i have been the picture of domesticity doing all these things in my apron and cowboy boots....(?) the spastic chores/day thus far may be going to my least the house smells delightful and i am almost all the way packed (need to double check my lists).

in other news, everywhere i look there seems to be the pairing of collared shirts and sweaters. i think i have pinned at least 3 examples and dog-eared 4 magazines where i have seen it. i know this is nothing revolutionary and private schools have been rocking this for years, but it seems a bit more attractive this go-round. i thought i would try it out...

whenever i feel iffy on trying something out, i throw on a jacket to make it feel a little more safe


i feel like this sweater is the appropriate shade of "pumpkin" for the holiday

new addition to the jewels - the bf bracelet b brought me from her worldly trip <3
gap jacket, thrifted vera way sweater, h&m extra long chambray shirt, target leggings, nicole boots

happy thanksgiving to all! i hope you spend it with those you love!


  1. ok, i'm just now catching up on all this but this outfit? THIS ONE RIGHT HERE?! love. it.

    can you please make it out of my closet? thannnnk you.