Monday, November 21, 2011

load em' up

each year i look forward to the colder seasons when layering on the scarves and lacing up booties a) doesn't earn questionable looks from e, b) doesn't make me sweat while running around, and c) makes it seem more appropriate to be wearing 20 layers. and each season i always look forward to pulling a few select items out of my closet. one is the knitted poncho below. i purchased this baby way back when i lived in santa barbara at easily one of the greatest thrift stores ever (santa barbara = great thrifting no matter what!). it was the pre-snuggy days of old when nothing of the sort was ever uttered and although i abhor the snuggy craze now, then i was wanting what is basically a publicly acceptable form of blanket to wear out. added to the list of favorites is also this particular yellow scarf. it is THE perfect yellow scarf that i had been hunting for, for far too long and it magically appeared under the christmas tree last year, next to these fantastic booties that i had also been drooling over. a year later (and far, far into the future) i see all three of these being cool weather staples!

boots are indigo by clarks and are insanely comfortable, scarf is petrusse, poncho thrifted

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