Tuesday, November 22, 2011

pinned (in the original sense)

when i was in high school my group of friends and i did all that we could to collect band pins. being from such a small town, when one of your friends was in a band (albeit a hardcore band) you followed them everywhere. everywhere mostly meant to the other county across the river (yep...this is where i grew up) to a local church (again, yep...) that rented out one of those portable rooms that schools use, to the local kids and bands. if one was really dedicated, they followed their local band on roadtrips which consisted of driving a full hour to a "city" to hear them play amongst the bigger "city" bands. and of course the whole time one was scooping up pins as they went.
i definitely thought i was the epitome of "who-cares" cool in my ripped black tights and heavy eyeliner...
skip ahead to the wiser me (though in 7 years i may be looking back on this thinking "really...?") and though i have long since donated all my band pins to someone else (except a few nostalgic ones), i still love pins.

a couple years ago i decided that they were gonna come back around and not just be for the crowd over age 50. here are a few of my favorites, including my newest edition, the little buffalo that kels was sweet enough to dish out 25 cents for here.

this little elephant holds particular sentimental value as it was purchased by my great aunt rachel in her world travels and given to me by my own grandpa and grandma when they discovered my love for elephants. it has been traveling around with me on the oversized lapel of my navy peacoat. <3

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