Thursday, November 17, 2011

a moment

i'm not quite sure how to describe this past week. in fact, without stopping for a good minute to really think back on whatever happened before monday, i can't remember much. a cloud of sickness loomed over me for most of the time. i came down with one of those colds that seems to travel about your body, picking a new place to infest every morning. on top of that i had a paper due tuesday, a faculty meeting wendnesday, an exam today and the usual amount of reading. it's just been a really long week...

since i survived this far, i decided to award myself with a nice walk on the beach this evening. luckily i brought my camera because the evening was gorgeous and it made up for everything else that happened these past four days. i ended up wet up to my knees and my feet were literally numb by the time i walked home but i also had a giant smile on my face that truly has not yet left. i really needed tonight to just put my mind at ease and remember how lucky i am to live where i live, with the person i live with, to be able to go to school to absorb one of my passions and then go out in the evening to explore one of my others.

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