Wednesday, May 30, 2012

looking ahead

this past memorial day weekend had me thinking about a lot of things. i thought a lot about those for whom the holiday is for and feel very grateful to know a quite a few individuals who deserve to be celebrated not only for a three day weekend but every day. i hope everyone spent their weekend enjoying/someone something similar.

looking ahead, perhaps the patriotic mode has struck another cord as well, as i am pretty obsessed with the jacket below, as well as most things that are stars and stripes at the moment (although i am also really enamored with most things that have skulls on them too, so do with that what you will). weird puns aside, three day weekends of any kind always make me think of summer and just how close it is looming in the near distance. i know that some are already celebrating such in their free-from-school glory but i still have today and then two more weeks (!!!!!) and it is all i can do to keep from dreaming about the quintessential summer events, warm nights, camping, easy and simple separates in my always favorite black and white and beach beach beach. give me this jacket, put me in shorts in a tent on the beach on a warm night and by golly, i may never return. sounds great, right?


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