Monday, May 7, 2012

small details make a whole

i feel that lately all i do on here is complain about how tired i am. i guess in saying that, once again i am asserting the fact that yes, i am exhausted. you know it is bad when you longingly look at the clock and try to mentally will it forward so that you can go to sleep sooner than later...which leads me to this point: whoever made up the rules about bedtimes? before "parental units" were the ones in charge, that is. where does the social stigma of going to bed simply for being tired despite it still being light out or before 11pm, come from? huh? anyone? last quarter two simultaneous sleep related things were said in my presence:
1) freshman boy and his galpal.
galpal: what time did you go to bed last night?
f. boy: oh, pretty early. you know, like 1:30.
what??? the last time i made it until a whopping 1:30am was when we stayed up for the midnight showing of rocky horror and we had to employ energy drinks and snacks and mindless television in order to make it.
2) two girls walking to class
girl 1: ugh, i had to wake up sooooooo early today!
girl 2: really???? what time???
girl 1: 9:30!!!!!
...................oh those rough days of yore, how i long for thee!

okay though. let's pull back for a minute. a) i am insanely glad that i am no longer the age of a college freshman. b) on the rare day that i manage to sleep as late as 9:30, i feel guilty about losing precious daylight hours. c) i actually have learned to love being a morning person and that my school lifestyle no longer requires me to stay in the studio till 1am.
or we can just call it was it really is: i'm 25 going on 75

anyway, it is moving week(!) and despite however tired i am, it is still moving week. fuck! yeah!

vintage scarf & bracelets, la made shirt, american apparel skirt, thrifted boots, ae sweater, target socks & glasses

as it is moving week, here is a preview of my new neighborhood. lovely, right? i think so. i got a jump start on introducing myself and my tripod to the neighbors.