Thursday, May 10, 2012

calm before the storm

i feel like i am sitting in the calm before the storm. it is moving day eve and i know the weekend is going to pass in a flurry of chaos, moving trucks, things both boxed and unboxed and probably a decent amount of take-out. today as i was driving to our current residence i got all nostalgic and a bit down as i passed over the harbor and down certain streets. i began to feel like i was leaving a little community that i had grown to love. amazing how one creates those attachments unintentionally and how they don't really present themselves until you are leaving them behind. it may sound silly since we are literally moving 2 miles away but with all the little areas of sc, that does make a difference. but then i pulled into our complex and thought, "oh yeah. never mind. can we move tonight instead?"

i am looking forward to creating new attachments and finding new little areas to explore in our new neighborhood. there are so many cute neighborhood streets and restaurants nearby, not to mention that i am ridiculously close to the brewery where i holler for the giants games and still a stones throw from the beach.

in the process of moving, i am rediscovering all sorts of fun things that have long been hiding away in a closet or drawer. hopefully it will provide new inspiration as i feel that i am sadly lacking of creativity at the current moment. chalk it up to a stressful schedule and a serious lack of cake. seriously though, i need cake. anyway, these photos are from a while ago, same time as here. as of now, the boardwalk is on the brink of opening and relishing in all of its glory.

favorite cargo jacket from tjmaxx, lbd from i don't know where, vintage cowboy boots and usual jewels & glasses

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