Thursday, May 17, 2012

i like the same things...

i don't know if you remember me saying that i have a lack of creativity about me these days (or if you even care, really) but this is a material example of said statement. although i was sincerely pleased that i was appropriately dressed for the weather today and that i could class up campus with a vintage tuxedo jacket, i realized upon taking photos that this ensemble is really just a repeat of this. i also just realized the pun on classing up campus...get it, get it? anyway, take away a denim shirt, add a bib necklace and that's about all there is of difference. it's overrated anyhow. but not. this doesn't make sense anymore.

blame it on the end of week 7 of my last 10 week quarter before summer. whilst everyone else has their grad photos and summer plans blasted all over facebook, i am simply trudging along in my schedule of classes. june 15th cannot come soon enough! 

jacket & arm decor vintage, tank and glasses target, f21 jeans, h&m sweater, boots ae, necklace worldmarket


  1. gorgeous.. love your style, so perfectly laid back!

  2. Nothing chic-er than stripes!

    The Wearist

  3. love this look! stripes and a blazer, love.