Monday, May 14, 2012


well we made it. we are in our new place, nearly 100% settled in and just enjoying the quiet. it's perfect for my agéd self. ha! i truly love our new place and am excited to nestle down. the biggest challenge thus far has been combining shoving 1 1/2 closets into just 1/2 closet. i know, i know, kinda a lame thing to complain about but still...i am foreseeing many re-organizing projects in my future. anyway, like i said, we are settling in, walking around our new little neighborhood and meeting the jillions of kitties, watching every giants game and baking cookies (cause what says home like some chocolate chip deliciousness?)

oh, and to keep with my usual self - i am still exhausted.

not actually anywhere near our home but down by the boardwalk but i thought the sentiment was appropriate

all black with some crimson lips and amazing vintage boots

seriously one of my favorite pairs of shoes in my (small) closet

sweater gap, shirt basics, jeans dunno, vintage boots, cuff is gift from grandma, lipstick mac diva and essie lights


  1. The Bloom County Goodwill store takes donations - Opus

  2. I love the boots. I love the lipstick. I love that you are settling into a new home. oxox

  3. Amazing amazing ensemble! Love everything about it.