Saturday, June 2, 2012


i have a love-hate relationship with skirts. for some reason i have a hard time finding ones that i love enough to buy and the ones that i do usually come in the form of something shorter and black. otherwise i don't know how to make them work into my closet, yet i love their sibling - shorts and can't get enough of those. however, i found this one in the super sale section of urban (the time when its take another 50% off the already sale price -- its really the only time to go seeing as that is the closest you are going to get to wholesale prices) and it cost a whopping $5. i can make almost anything work for $5. but this one, in its crocheted, actually gives me an ass, can be worn at a myriad of lengths, doily-esq-ness proved a solid buy with or without the price tag. so what do i do? i throw on some yellow for a bumblebee effect, find a boxy striped sweater to throw over that and wear it with a favorite pair of platform heels that make me feel like a little like a librarian.

skirt urban, tank american rag, sweater ann taylor, heels nicole, nails essie play date, necklaces waxing poetic.

also, anyone catch my position reversal somewhere above? and only fox could make me mute the giants game :(

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  1. Love crochet skirts for summer! And what a steal!
    Following you on BL now!