Friday, June 29, 2012


there is always that breaking point in the middle of a summer night when the lingering heat from the day just sort of dissipates and a coolness settles. it's this transition that has one reaching for the covers at the foot of the bed because the chill now reaches through the sheet that had previously been barely tolerable with its stifling weight. i love the continuance and dependability of this nightly flow from one state to the next and for me, it serves as a reminder for so much of the rest of life...especially when i take a moment to stop and think, think, think and slow down.

summer, in my opinion, is about slowing down. there is something about long hot days that almost literally make it impossible to rush from one thing to the next. and i know i am fortunate enough to still be in a phase of my life that dictates that summer is more than just a mere season in a portion of the year but something that i can actually take advantage of on a daily basis. however, the idea that i do need to take advantage of it is something of a quandary. with so many friends out in the real world, and a partner who is equally living the 9-5 schedule, i admittedly feel a little guilty and selfish when i think of how i spend my days. it's in these moments that i try to remember the transition of my life and have no doubt that within a year, i will most likely be living in a very different chapter than the one i am in now.

the above is from a day of sun in my front yard.

happy summer and sun to all of you <3

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