Wednesday, June 20, 2012

gnomes and such

it's been almost a week since i have entered into the glorious phase of the year called summer. and to be completely honest, today is the first day that i have put on something more exciting than yoga pants or the same pair of ratty cut-offs that are two sizes too big and create that oh-so lovely saggy butt effect. but hey, isn't the first week out of class about completely losing all resemblances of whatever former schedule you had? summer deserves that much.

summer also makes me think of the quintessential combo of shorts and a t-shirt. there is nothing like downsizing a closet to make one realize how many t-shirts one actually has. and apparently i don't ever get rid of anything closet related so i am having a moment with my stack(s) of shirts that are quietly {now} tucked away in my dresser. have you explored the unisex v-necks from american apparel? they truly are fabulous and perhaps my idea of the perfect shirt. and thankfully i wear mine with bottoms so as to resemble nothing of the sort of half-naked ads they run {which i secretly love because i think they are so ridiculously brilliant}. these shorts also are a new love. i think i am going to revert to dressing like i did when i was five years old. everything was a softer material and felt like i was wearing pajamas. at least it will keep me in stretchy waist bands for summer.

american apparel t, h&m shorts and glasses, thrifted blazer, leopard pumps from tjmaxx years ago, target watch, random collection of rings, and essie mojito madness

for the majority of the time that i was standing in front of this mural, i thought that the little gnome had his mouth open and was screaming. but then i thought maybe it was just a mustache. now i don't know. though i rather like the idea of the former. alyssa if you are reading this, this is what you left for london...miss it? regret it? no, i wouldn't either. just know that i am wondering sc kissing random walls and missing you. fact. hope those socks are working wonders in l-town. 


  1. Those shorts are gorgeous! Great outfit (love the last photo).

    Hudson East

  2. I love that mural! How cool! All those crazy little gnomes are hilarious. Perfect backdrop for photos :)

  3. please come shopping with me! i need your help to look as adorable as you do! :)