Saturday, June 16, 2012


i can't get enough of my 501's. i can see how 1) they were the bees-knees for so many generations 2) why i had such a hard time finding the perfect pair and 3) why i suddenly scour every vintage/thrift store for more more more. i dare say they are the perfect pant. i also can't stop wearing this black linen blazer in its slightly oversized glory. 

anyway, it's officially summer time for me and i have about a week and a half before i start work so between then and now, it's just me and some good ol' nora roberts. bliss. 

vintage levis, vintage blazer, tank from some random mall store, sandals aldo, watch lucky, rings and bracelets vintage and usual


  1. Nice tattoo you got on your right foot
    I also have a necklace with that symbol...
    Looking like Indian tribes especially with that sandal :) which is cool!

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  2. Wow amazing!!
    Follow each other? :)