Sunday, December 16, 2012

cold story an attempt to get back at this whole thegirlone thing, i am foraying into the inspirational world of big, bulky, maybe look like you could stuff two of yourselves into it, coats via the insanely wonderful street style photography of vanessa jackman (she's been on my blogroll since i got my membership card and has provided oodles of inspiration). this post feels multi faceted on the appropriate scale as 1) i effing hate the cold and revert to a toddler like mentality of sniffling and whining 2) in my humble opinion, sc is experiencing a cold front like no other and if it snowed tomorrow i wouldn't be that surprised (okay yes i would) and 3) part of me feels like not blogging on anything that could resemble a consistent schedule for nearly 3 months has left me in need of a protective layer in order to embark on it again. so feast your eyes on some gorgeous coats that appear 3 sizes too big and try to keep yourself from thinking that you probably need to go get yourself a few.

if it looks like a snuffaluffagus...and feels like a it  

why buy any old anorak when you could own one that your best friend can borrow - at the same time?

oversized collars that make you look like a flower

layers of warmth can do a coat good 

when all else fails, grab blanket

in no way am i rejecting any of these garments. rather, i want them all. at once. 


  1. I'm so into oversized coats and I can justify collecting them since I live in Chicago. Anyway, the pukey color of the first coat is very attractive to me for some reason. Love the photos!

  2. I feel your pain, but I feel like these clever layerin' bitches have it down. Give me the blanket. Give me the blanket now.

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