Sunday, November 18, 2012

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i'm a such a sucker for the added accessories that chilly weather allows. and yep, still love boots beyond any sane resemblance of material obsessions. a while back i posted a collection of chelsea boots that were all calling my name and naturally i eschewed all of those options in favor of these gorgeous foot companions. i have incredibly narrow feet and when i stumble across a pair of boots that fit like a nice, tight sock (remind me to tell you about my childhood sock exploits - aka the period of my childhood that my dad calls "the worst time of his life") i fall head over heels, pun intended.

nine west sosie boot

this sweet little burgundy hat was originally purchased for the purpose of 1) keeping the sun off my face at the hardly strictly blue grass festival in sf and 2) because i just like owning lots of hats. but i am very much enjoying the color this fall and low and behold it covers my head nicely when i just don't want to do much more than comb my hair over one shoulder and call it a day. 

hat uo, scarf bunnies, glasses aj morgan, earrings local

but see how well it worked here too 


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  2. Love this colour! Your boots and the hat are cool!

    Hope you are good!

  3. I want to hear the sock-from-your-childhood story. :-)

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  5. Those boots are beautiful