Saturday, August 25, 2012


i am a firm believer in the two battling concepts of comfort and impracticality. i know, a complete oxymoron. more often than not, i find that when i travel (anywhere, any distance) i magically combine the two into a marriage of one suitcase that is stuffed beyond all reasonable doubt that i, amber, don't know how to pack worth shit. take for example, the jaunt i made up to my hometown in the hills. the basic specs: 1 night, approx 30 actual hours of time logged there, main goal - reading in the sun by the pool, reading in the shade on the porch, reading until 2am in bed. so what do i pack? honestly i am a bit embarrassed by the masses of things that made the journey with me and all you need to know is that somehow i thought i was going to fit in two pants changes plus two shorts changes and possibly need a vintage crocheted wrap/sarong at the drop of a hat. huh? yeah, i don't know either.

yet another example of my odd combination are the photos below: whilst incredibly comfortable and more 90-year-old-women's cotton pajama esq than anything, add in leather boots in 100+ degree weather and suddenly you aren't so smart with your foot wear. whoops. but i love these boots, and i am well acquainted with my own love for shoes over the desire to abstain from foot sweat. ew. oh well, wasn't the first, wont be the last. i've also worn them in the snow...

vintage boots given from a family friend, fedora bought at said family friend's boutique, lucky watch, assorted bracelets vintage and small boutiques, vintage vest, target dress (old)


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  2. Really cool outfil and I love the colors together! The dress and the boots are amazing:)
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  4. those boots go really well with the maxi! love this outfit, very boho :D

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  12. Love your outfit! So cool, comfy and stylish!

  13. My sweetheart, this look is awesome. Perfect from top to toe. Absolutely cool outfit to let others looking at you long time :)

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