Wednesday, September 14, 2011

tuesday, dress, fun

yesterday was one of the remarkably rare and wonderful days when the "get shit done" and the "relax and have fun" moments sync perfectly. somehow we managed to not only get everything done on my mental to-do-list but we also were able to enjoy ourselves, not rush, visit a few lovely people and soak up the sun that has finally decided to grace us with its presence.

e had a random day off due to covering one of the upcoming weekend days for a coworker so we decided to start off the day right - with $1 banana pancakes at the harbor cafe on 7th (for any of you who have been here, you know how great it is! for anyone else, please come visit me on a tuesday and we will have banana pancakes until they have to roll us out the front door). then we headed to campus (!!!) so that next week when i start, i will have a vague idea of where my classes are located and how long it will take me to hike across the ginormous campus (lots of rehydrating and snacks are going to be in order, along with maybe a damp towelette to wipe my forehead when i pant my way into class). from there we stopped in at the casa blanca inn and bistro for a surprise hello for a dear friend, had lunch with another friend, spent a few hours at the beach, (finally) bought new shoes for e, then topped off the night by making dinner and watching scrubs on netflix.

to top it off, i felt extra fancy due to wearing a dress all day long! i have long been loving the t-shirt dress trend and have been eyeballing all of the options on but really can't justify purchasing anything over $20 (and that is pushing the dollar limit). however, in comes target, land of the reasonably priced and the almost identical items! so found this dress for a much less expensive price tag and am very, very happy! the stripes counteract all of the stereotypical effects of stripes and actually are very flattering. y'all should go buy this, now!

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