Friday, September 16, 2011

scholarly practice

i went to pick up a few of my books for a class yesterday at the literary guillotine (really love that name) and from the outside the place looked just like the bookstore from a portlandia episode...see below.
anyway, something about the cloudy morning, preparation for school and the desire to wear the corduroy, calvin klein blazer that i picked up at the 1/2 thrift store inspired a polished sort of look. some days just feel better like this.

blue, pinstriped, button-up + blazer + skinny jeans + leopard kitten heels + menswear watch = 
me yesterday

the whole morning also smelt like fall and that put me in a great mood, as did the fantastic woman at the book store and the fact that three novels came out below $50. all of them used, but all of them free of highlighter and scribbles so that i may deface them as i see fit throughout the quarter.

and here is the portlandia bit. enjoy!

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