Sunday, September 4, 2011


i cannot believe that it is september!
where did that come in?
there are a lot of upcoming things with this month: school starts, mama's birthday, a(nother) friend's wedding, a visit from my heartmate b, there are less than 25 games left in the giant's season...etc. not to mention that hopefully summer will finally arrive (at least that is what i have been told) to santa cruz. so while i wait for all of these wonderful things to come my way, here are a few things that i have truly been loving lately...

i am really loving the menswear inspired watch trend. it has a little more "oomph" to it and it is really nice to not have to dig for my phone when i want to know the time.

yummy, ripe berries have been abundant! in other food news, i am very much obsessed with blt's with fakin' bacon! have you had this? it's, i dare say, even better than using real bacon!

bill owens photography
this particular image is from his "suburbia" collection and e and i were introduced to his work when we recently visited the san jose museum of art. i think his work is brilliant!
*image taken from scrapbook

searching for (and emailing off to my mama) fall decor ideas. i absolutely love that fall marks the beginning of the holiday season as far as decorating goes. yes, i am one of those that also starts shopping for christmas presents many many months in advance.

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  1. I lve the pumpkins in the vase. I can do that as soon as I find some little pumpkins.