Saturday, September 24, 2011


well it is the end of the first week of school
it is the first weekend of fall
and it is the first time in a long time that e is sick

so this makes for an interesting combination.

school went well and was much less stressful than i had led myself to believe. made it to all classes on time, even took two buses to get to and from (if you know ucsc campus, you understand) and felt generally good about it. my two lit classes are both on a form of world exploration so i am looking forward to the material and the third class will be more of a hang-out/bonding time once a week. at least there are other transfer students in that class who are in the same position as i am.

as for the first weekend of fall, i am more than pleased that it is here, especially with my last few posts being centrally themed around the season. the only big bummer is that e somehow came down with the world's worst cold and is fevered and bed bound. poor guy! so i am sticking near and enjoying the cooler weather with multiple cups of tea, two new magazines, ample time on pinterest and a few blogs that i am obsessed with (vanessa jackman & from the block & could i have that - this last one is out of santa barbara and makes me miss my years there), and class readings.

first fall decor that i have brought into the house. i have to do it in small doses otherwise e might kill me.
breakfast from last wednesday at the Verve with my dearest b, who came to visit for a bit. 

books for class - all about arctic exploration and marco polo

breaking out the lipstick for fall <3

hope everyone enjoys the new season and their weekend.

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  1. Tell Em sorry he is sick and hope he recovers rapidly. Don't forget the vicks. School classes sound good. I like your book list. Do you read and then write about them or what?